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Ring Design Showcase

Since we design and build our own BDSM rings, we wanted a place to showcase the design and product process. Each ring is hand designed and made for our customers. Check out some of our favorite designs below with insight from Mr. Beast on the outcome and process.

Here’s how the Large & in Charge ring turned out. The wax was 3D printed and then cast in sterling silver. Details are here: https://www.obsessionjewellery.ca/Large-in-Charge-p/r00025.htm

The Primal Ring turned out like great. Full bleed. I 3D printed the wax and then cast the ring in sterling silver. Because, some times you just need to warn people what you’re about. Details here: https://www.obsessionjewellery.ca/Primal-p/r00026.htm

Here is how the Brat Ring turned out. I really like this one stylistically as it looks like it should be a car logo. “The tight front end and smooth curves are why I drive a Brat.” Details here: https://www.obsessionjewellery.ca/sterling-silver-brat-fetish-ring-p/r00024.htm

Here’s a ring I made for all the Daddies and their littles. Details here: https://www.obsessionjewellery.ca/sterling-silver-daddy-fetish-ring-p/r0018.htm

Completed a Master’s Chain Ring. This was a custom design I did in sterling silver and black diamond. This one is no longer available. If you'd like your own, get in touch with Mr Beast here.

The Daddy ring proved so popular I am making one in solid gold to see what people think. Whose your Daddy? Details here:

A garnet and silver halo ring I made as part of a technical exercise. It’s a CAD design 3D printed and casting in sterling silver.

Babygirl Ring in 14 karat yellow gold and diamond. This image is fresh out of casting. It still has white investment in the details. Check it out here:

A ring for all my feline friends. The wax was 3D printed and I cast this one in sterling silver. Details here:

The Large and in Charge ring as worn to a munch. The ring was a gift to congratulate her for organizing a particularly interesting workshop. I cast it in tarnish resistant sterling silver. Selfie photo courtesy of the model BadDiva.

Steam punk scratcher ring in sterling silver and garnet. I 3D printed the wax and then cast it through the lost wax casting technique. Details here:

A sterling silver ring for my friends who are ponies. I designed this in Rhino and printed the wax on a solidscape 3D printer. I cast it using a vacuum table. Details here:

Is it the BDSM symbol or symbolic of the phases of a woman’s life (maiden, mother, crone) in the Pagan tradition? I 3D printed this wax and cast in both sterling silver, 10k and 14k gold. Details here:

Here is a commissioned ring for a customer who is a Disciplinarian. It shows the three stages of digital design, rough cast, and finished product. The text actually goes half way around the band so it is a little difficult to pick all the text up in a photo. This ring is no longer available, but you can order your own here.

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Office safe blood sports ring in sterling silver Office safe blood sports ring in sterling silver

This is an office safe ring for those who identify with blood sports. Approximately 20 years ago I had a friend who was very in to cutting and blood. This is a pattern they had cut into their thigh. I was fascinated with how a pattern this simple could carry such potent emotional content as we find in blood letting and cutting.

How do I know this ring is office safe? I was selling some of my vanilla designs in an office environment. Somehow this ring got mixed in with the vanilla rings in my sales kit. Of course the office folks ignored the stuff I was there to sell and were immediately drawn to this ring. They wanted to know what it meant. Thinking quickly I replied it's days of the week ring counting the days of the work week. There were many ooohs and aws and then it sold immediately. The lady who bought it was the wife of a local church official. It's hard to get more office safe than that.

Recently I was considering the artistic merit of my kinky art and remembered this design. So I looked up the old photos and recreated it. This ring is currently available in sizes 9 and 10.5 in sterling silver, but I can make it in any size you want at no additional cost. I can also make it in gold if you prefer. Email Mr. Beast with the details and we will make this ring for you.

Our Price: $59.95
naughty ring Naughty ring

Feeling naughty? This tarnish resistant sterling silver ring tells all your lifestyle friends what's on your mind. With size 9 currently in stock, email Dungeon Beast if you would like it in a different size or in gold.

Our Price: $59.95