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Obsession Jewellery's Custom Design Showcase

As we work through the design process for our custom jewellery, we'll post progress photos up here for some of our more unique custom design projects. If you have any questions about our designs or would like to commission one of your own, contact Mr. Beast today!

3D printed waxes of kinky bling all sprued up for casting this weekend. The “Start here” piece will be an anklet for foot worship. The spank me ring pretty much speaks for itself. See it here: https://www.obsessionjewellery.ca/sterling-silver-spank-me-ring-p/r0014.htm

Here is a cell phone pic of that same sprue tree fresh out of casting. It is so fresh out of casting that you can even see bits of white investment on the pieces. It is cast in sterling silver.

Here is a sprue tree fresh out of casting. It has the first LARGE & in CHARGE ring as well as the first primal ring on it. The rings were designed in rhino with the waxes 3d printed. I also do my own casting. It will be interesting to see how this batch polishes up.Details here: https://www.obsessionjewellery.ca/Large-in-Charge-p/r00025.htm

Here are two views of the belt buckle all sprued up and ready for investing. These are the flasks for tomorrow’s casting. The large flask at the back with the white collar contains the same belt buckle shown up close in the first two images. The medium sized flask in the middle contains the large and in charge rings as well as the new primal ring, and some other production rings. The small flasks at the front contain boot print links for collars and bracelets as well as a wax for a yellow gold road runner ring.

Here’s a wax I am working on for a custom lifestyle belt buckle I will be casting in silver this weekend. The triquetra (bdsm symbol) sits nicely 2mm higher than the rest of the buckle.

I have this 13mm vortex cut amethyst which I think is perfect as the center piece in a design for lifestyle jewellery. I’m thinking Domme ring. Details here:

Here is that batch of cast silver rings cut off the sprue tree and freshly out of the magnetic tumbler. On the LARGE & in CHARGE ring you can still see a couple of small black tumbler pins lodged between the A and the E. Those will definitely have to come out before I can start the clean up and polishing process.

The original waxes for these rings were 3D printed at 25 micrometers vertical resolution. Polishing these rings will keep me busy for a while! I am very curious to see how the PRIMAL ring as well as the LARGE & in CHARGE rings will look when they’re done.

Here’s that belt buckle fresh out of casting. In fact it’s so fresh it still has sprues and investment in the cracks and crevices.

Here’s a screen shot of today’s new digital design. It will be a .999 fine silver cup in which to do vitreous enameling. For some reason enamels just make me think of seascapes.

I’m still working on getting the depths of these cups just right to get good colour in the enamels. This idea originated as a palm flower in a series of belly dance slave bracelets. Although it will also likely work well as a pendant. It will be interesting to see where this series goes.

This is a model of a bronze age battle axe I made in bronze for a customer. I even copied the nicks in the blade. This is a pendant.

3D model of a commissioned ring in silver and black diamond.

3D model of a commissioned ring in silver an black diamond.